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Who We Are

KCT Union Sdn Bhd was founded as KCT Enterprise Sdn Bhd and first started operations in 1984. After establishment, KCT Enterprise Sdn Bhd diversified into bigger operations where it became known as KCT Union Sdn Bhd. Since establishment, we have produced numerous quality products catered to customer needs and expectations.

Since 2001, KCT has the distinction of being appointed as the only licensed and authorized manufacturer for SPALDING sports backpacks. In 2008. KCT was also named as the sole licensed and authorized manufacturer for various DORAEMON bag products, such as school bags, backpacks, tuition bags, and school trolley bags.

With KCT's extensive experience in manufacturing bags, the company also launched its own in-house brand "mYbags" in 2008. As the name suggests, mYbags give every customer the freedom to customize their own bag according to the desired design. From crafting your own name to placing your photo on the bag, every mYbag is a quality expression of individual style!
Why Us
Up to date, KCT has produced millions of bags. Approximately 20% of the productions are exported overseas and the balance caters for the local market. This process has granted us as opportunity to understand the foreign and local market, trends, materials and designs. This information has helped the company to understand and manufacture more types of baggage.

PVC, synthetic leather or PU, genuine leather and nylon (especially for sports bags) are main materials used in our products. Each of these materials is produced with different technologies and methods.

KCT is the first and only manufacturer using all these materials to produce bags, diaries, notebooks etc.

True to our philosophy of total customer satisfaction, we also go the extra mile to hand-stitch every single product. Unlike conventional machine assembly, our meticulous hand-stitching techniques ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Apart from this, we customize armor and ballistic products used by the police and army force, ranging from safety boots to duty holsters. Undoubtedly, this speaks volumes about the durability and sheer quality of KCT products.
Mr.Yap Set Long
Mr.Yap Set Long has more than 40 years in this industry and he is our founder of KCT Group. A businessman with varied and extensive experience, Mr.Yap is one of the pioneers of Malaysia's baggage manufacturing industry.

In 2000, Mr.Yap brought his company to its peak performance and helped the company achieve and become the only authorized licensed manufacturer for the U.S. "SPALDING" brand to manufacture all kinds of casual and sports backpacks in Malaysia.

In 2008, Mr.Yap also helped his company venture into the Children and Kids Baggage Industry and secured the rights of becoming an authorized licensed manufacturer for the Japan "DORAEMON" brand to manufacture all kinds of school bags and stationery products.

He has more than 25 years of experience not only in the bag manufacturing industry but also in the corporate advertising and marketing industry, especially in Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies. He possesses extensive marketing and technical skills and experience.
"The very essence of leadership is its purpose.
And the purpose of leadership is to accomplish a task.
That is what leadership does.
-and what it does is more important than
what it is or how it works."
Colonel Dandridge M.Malone

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